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The Power of Promotional School Supplies and Giveaways

Let’s face it, we all like getting something for free. Many companies have turned to promotional giveaways as a way to get their name in the mind of prospective consumers. Promotional giveaways are a more and more common way for marketers to create a bond with their customers.

Are promotional materials even needed in schools? While many may see this promotional step as a waste of a school’s limited financial resources, research shows that promotional giveaways, in conjunction with traditional advertisement lead to higher perceived brand value in the mind of the consumer. In this vein, schools have been using promotional to promote themselves for a while, since the first promotional items were business items (pens, rulers, clothing…etc), all of which easily double as educational paraphernalia.

Importance of giveaways on a school’s internal marketing Internal marketing in schools is an often forgotten task which helps maintain the brand in the mind of the employees. 

Teachers and staff are in a labor market, and school administrators should remember that some basic actions should keep them from leaving. 

School administrators should also remember that internal marketing can help teachers accept and promote newer programs, and provide needed buy-in. 

Promotional materials can help schools achieve these goals. Examples often include using T-shirts, writing instruments, baseball caps and even mugs. All of these can be inscribed with the school’s logo and information. Employees may have the same response that prospective parents and donors can have. Being treated with a gift can lead to greater good will towards the organization. There is a secondary positive effect since these gifts also be advertising for the school if used out in public. A satisfied teacher can wear his quality T-shirt with the school’s logo out in public and a prospective parent might ask him about the school.

These promotional items should follow a number of simple rules in order to remain effective in the minds of prospective parents and students:  

Parents and students are looking for ways to obtain new and useful school supplies without breaking their budget. Notebooks, writing utensils and backpacks are items any student will need. Give your brand maximum exposure by supplying students with something they will use every day! They will appreciate the gesture and are likely to remember the business behind the promotional giveaway.

You can use school giveaways to promote your club or organization, show customers you care about education, or equip students with much-needed school supplies. Whatever your goal, there’s only one thing you need to know: Motivators is your source for all of your school promotional items and marketing materials.

Encourage school spirit through promotional school supply giveaways like backpacks and tech items. Shop our selection of teacher appreciation gifts.

One of the most important things to remember when creating promotional products is to put your brand on something useful. 

What better way to implement this than by having your logo placed on school supplies?

If you’re not in the education industry, don’t let that stop you form gaining impressions. You can still hand out branded supplies to students; they will appreciate the gesture while simultaneously advertising your business each time they use your promos. You could even donate your branded supplies to a local school to pass out. Teachers, parents and students will appreciate the gesture and will recall your brand every time they see your promos.