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Get early start on back to school supplies.

Soon it will be that time of year again and everyone wants to know what their son or daughter might need for school. You can never go wrong with the usual necessities. Things such as pencils, notebooks, and folders are always needed for success. We Read the items below to see what items your student will need to succeed.

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This list comprises the most common needed school supplies for School and University

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Student planner and 2018 Diary

From test dates to group meetings to extracurricular activities, your schedule will surely be packed. A student planner is crucial for time management and will help keep you on top of your busy school or university calendar.


Carry a mini stapler in your backpack as you never know when you may need to turn in multiple pages for a class assignment.

Flash drive

With the advent of free cloud storage, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive, a flash drive is not as big of a necessity as it has been in previous years. However, there are still a few benefits of using a flash drive for your college documents, such as maintaining physical custody and security of your files and not needing internet access to retrieve your files.


You probably won't need these basic art supplies often (depending on your major), but you should add them to your list in case you need them for a class project.

Printer paper

You will be writing a lot of essays in school or university so be sure to stock up on printer paper.


Even if you will be taking notes digitally, you will still need pens and pencils. Purchase pens in black, blue, and red ink and be sure to obtain No. 2 pencils for scanner test sheets.

Hole punch

In order to keep all of your course material organized properly, you will need a hole punch for any worksheets that professors hand out. File these worksheets in binders in an organized manner to enhance your studying efforts.


Highlighters are a must-have for college students. Use highlighters to make the most essential information in your textbooks and notes stand out.

Backpack/Messenger bag/Rucksack

You will most definitely need a bag to carry all of your textbooks and your laptop across campus. You have a variety of bag options from which to choose, such as a standard backpack, a messenger bag, a rucksack, a laptop bag, etc. If you purchase a high-quality bag, it should last you throughout your college career.